Electrical Work

Heatmovers Also Provides Electrical Services

Since first setting up shop in 2016, we’ve made a name for ourselves at Heatmovers HVAC by providing the best HVAC services in the Kansas City area. We install and repair heating and cooling systems for both residential and commercial clients. We also provide you with wire installation and other electrical services if you’re experiencing any issues with the electrical system in your home or business. You can keep your home or business safe by performing electrical services when necessary with help from a company like Heatmovers HVAC.

Are the lights in your home always flickering, or do you have switches and outlets in your business that feel warm to the touch? Don’t ignore these problems with your electrical system. An electrician technician from Heatmovers HVAC can come out to your residential or commercial property and make repairs to your electrical system. We provide home and business owners with new wire installation and other electrical services if they’re interested in adding new switches or outlets or putting in new lights or ceiling fans.

If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you shouldn’t ever attempt to complete wire installation and other electrical services on your own. You could put yourself and your home or business at risk. Instead, leave the electrical work to a trained professional from Heatmovers HVAC. Our licensed and insured electricians can fix almost any electrical problem and make sure the electrical wiring in your home or business is up to code in the process.

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